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Workshop and Skills Needs

Specific Topics

  • HTML
  • Data Visualization
  • Web Scraping
  • Tools for online teaching (Common LMSs, Voicethread etc)
  • Setting up course sites and organizing digital work for courses
  • Pedagogical discussions
  • CBOX Administration
  • Mobile apps
  • Gaming

General Comments
Workshops can wane in usefulness; would like to have time to ask directed questions applicable to specific projects. Digital Fellows office hours might be good for that. Maybe start a working group (e.g. Python group)? Need avenues to support longer-term skill development.

Rethink structure of workshop requirements? Make more time for differentiated/self-organized play with tools through refresher.

Provide space to discuss pedagogical projects and show/share examples (projects, syllabi etc)

Share workshop materials for those who can’t attend or want to refresh

Look at CityTech L4 Living Lab submission tool for materials submission

To the extent possible, make workshops project-based

Provide materials in advance (tutorials) and use workshop time as a working session (flipped classroom style)

Coordinate between workshop leaders so that material is not redundant. Think of have prerequisites for some workshops (example: HTML as prereq for Bootstrap)

Lessig Reading

Quick clarification on the Lessig reading: you should read the article “Remix: How Creativity is Being Strangled by the Law.” You do not need to read the book length Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy.

Bring an assignment on Monday

Quick reminder that if possible, please bring an assignment that you have given to students with you on Monday. We will work with them during class. If you haven’t had the opportunity to give an assignment, or you don’t have one handy, that’s ok. Think about an assignment you would like to give. This doesn’t need to be formal or time consuming–something simple will do!

Creative Mode

I sat down with my 9-year-old today to talk about games. I actually recorded an interview with her, but I’ll summarize some of the main points.

All Gender Bathroom, Minecraft, Made by Margot, age 9

Minecraft Bathroom, Made by Margot, age 9

  • Her favorite games are Minecraft, Monument Valley, and Toca City
  • You can play Minecraft in Survival Mode or in Creative Mode. In Survival, you need to find food, weapons etc. In Creative, those things are provided.
  • She says that she prefers Creative because “If you have to concentrate on staying alive all the time, you can’t think of many other things.”
  • In Minecraft, you build in a landscape. Nevertheless, she specifically said it is not a building game because the objective is not to out-build a competitor or to build up. You can do anything you want with the landscape. A “building game” for her would be defined by a requirement to build in some specific way.
  • Monument Valley is a puzzle-solving game. If she can’t figure out how to solve a challenge, she tries methods she knows first. If that doesn’t work, she taps areas of the puzzle to see if there are any hidden tools.
  • In Toca City, her favorite thing to do is to record plays in the town theater.
  • In school, they use iPads occasionally that have a handful of games available, in particular Math Blaster. But she doesn’t think of school as a place for games.

Lecture Me?

Did any of you have a moment to catch this Sunday Review piece today? Lecture Me. Really. It’s far from the only of its kind (it might be a mildly amusing exercise to collect and compare lecture-defense articles) but I think it bridges well between our in-person discussion of class formats and expectations, and this week’s readings on pedagogy.