Course Description

This is the first core course in the Interactive Technology and Pedagogy certificate program.  We will examine the economic, social, and intellectual history of technological change over time, as well as technology and digital media design and use. Our primary focus is on the mutual shaping of technology and academic teaching, learning and research—how people and technologies have shaped academic classroom and research interactions in the past, and how they are reshaping the university in the present.  By examining the use and design of technologies inside and outside of the academy, we are, of course, also reflecting on what it means to be human in a world increasingly dominated and controlled by various technologies.

The course also explores the history and theory of digital media, including hypertext and multimedia, highlighting the theoretical and practical possibilities for research, reading, writing, presentation, interaction, and play.  We are particularly interested in the ITP program in the possibilities that new, nonlinear, digital tools have opened up for teaching and research, including the emergence of the “Digital Humanities.”

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