Creative Mode

I sat down with my 9-year-old today to talk about games. I actually recorded an interview with her, but I’ll summarize some of the main points.

All Gender Bathroom, Minecraft, Made by Margot, age 9

Minecraft Bathroom, Made by Margot, age 9

  • Her favorite games are Minecraft, Monument Valley, and Toca City
  • You can play Minecraft in Survival Mode or in Creative Mode. In Survival, you need to find food, weapons etc. In Creative, those things are provided.
  • She says that she prefers Creative because “If you have to concentrate on staying alive all the time, you can’t think of many other things.”
  • In Minecraft, you build in a landscape. Nevertheless, she specifically said it is not a building game because the objective is not to out-build a competitor or to build up. You can do anything you want with the landscape. A “building game” for her would be defined by a requirement to build in some specific way.
  • Monument Valley is a puzzle-solving game. If she can’t figure out how to solve a challenge, she tries methods she knows first. If that doesn’t work, she taps areas of the puzzle to see if there are any hidden tools.
  • In Toca City, her favorite thing to do is to record plays in the town theater.
  • In school, they use iPads occasionally that have a handful of games available, in particular Math Blaster. But she doesn’t think of school as a place for games.