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Workshop and Skills Needs

Specific Topics

  • HTML
  • Data Visualization
  • Web Scraping
  • Tools for online teaching (Common LMSs, Voicethread etc)
  • Setting up course sites and organizing digital work for courses
  • Pedagogical discussions
  • CBOX Administration
  • Mobile apps
  • Gaming

General Comments
Workshops can wane in usefulness; would like to have time to ask directed questions applicable to specific projects. Digital Fellows office hours might be good for that. Maybe start a working group (e.g. Python group)? Need avenues to support longer-term skill development.

Rethink structure of workshop requirements? Make more time for differentiated/self-organized play with tools through refresher.

Provide space to discuss pedagogical projects and show/share examples (projects, syllabi etc)

Share workshop materials for those who can’t attend or want to refresh

Look at CityTech L4 Living Lab submission tool for materials submission

To the extent possible, make workshops project-based

Provide materials in advance (tutorials) and use workshop time as a working session (flipped classroom style)

Coordinate between workshop leaders so that material is not redundant. Think of have prerequisites for some workshops (example: HTML as prereq for Bootstrap)