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Lessig Reading

Quick clarification on the Lessig reading: you should read the article “Remix: How Creativity is Being Strangled by the Law.” You do not need to read the book length Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy.

Wendy HK Chun @whkchun #digitalgc and Poetic Computation

Hey ITP-

I meant to post directly following the talk Wednesday, but I wanted to let those of you who weren’t there how interesting and exciting Wendy Chun’s talk was (MCK and Achim, don’t you agree?). I wanted draw everyone’s attention to Chun’s forthcoming book Updating to Remain the Same on (N)YOU Media, as she calls it, emphasizing that “you” again (Lisa Brundage and the archive). I found a talk she gave a couple years ago at Barnard which includes some of the ideas she presented Wednesday (the inherent leakiness of new media) for those of you interested. She referenced Lauren Klein among many others of the folks we’ve been reading. You can also check out the live tweets from Wednesday at #digitalgc.

Hope you’ve all had a nice week.

Also! I’m looking forward to Achim’s School for Poetic Computation showcase this afternoon! A small group of us are going down around 3:30 if anyone’s interested in joining, let me know.


Bring an assignment on Monday

Quick reminder that if possible, please bring an assignment that you have given to students with you on Monday. We will work with them during class. If you haven’t had the opportunity to give an assignment, or you don’t have one handy, that’s ok. Think about an assignment you would like to give. This doesn’t need to be formal or time consuming–something simple will do!

Materials from OER workshop + Event on social justice & scholarship

Two docs I’d like to share:

Both incorporate a lot of material I’ve put together specifically for faculty at City Tech, but the contents have wide application for anyone interested in integrating free/open course content into their curriculum.

Also, a plug for “Scholarship Matters,” a talk on social justice and open scholarship with speakers, Jessie Daniels, and Megan Wacha.

Location: City Tech, Atrium 632 (Faculty Lounge) – amazing train access: 2, 3, 4, 5, A, C, R, F

Date/time: Tuesday, October 20 from 4 – 6 p.m.


Forum? Blog? Censorship conference

Hey ITP!

I wanted to link everyone to the censorship conference happening at Princeton today. I just listened to the Information Technologies panel and a lot of the questions about censorship and about technologists working with policy makers in a human way felt very DH.

Here is the blurb from the Air-L internet researchers listserv:

“Today, Friday October 9 2015 the Princeton Center for
Information Technology Policy aka CITP will present a Conference on
Internet Censorship, Interference, and Control which will examine questions
like: What is the current state of internet accessibility”

*Friday October 9 2015* the *Princeton Center for Information Technology
Policy <> *aka CITP will present a *Conference
on Internet Censorship, Interference, and Control
*which will examine questions like: What is the current state of internet
accessibility, and what technologies and policies can help protect
international security and human rights in this area? This conference will
explore research by both computer scientists and political scientists into
internet censorship, interference, and control. We will consider
interdisciplinary perspectives on relevant contemporary questions: What is
the state of the art in network measurement, and how can information about
social and political conditions better inform future measurements? How
should computer scientists measure and study offensive technologies, such
as China’s denial of service attacks on Github, and what role should policy
play in responding to these security threats? How extensive are national
firewalls, internet surveillance, and filter bubbles, and how should
citizens and governments respond? Speakers include *Wendy Seltzer* and *Roger
Dingledine*. The conference will be streamed live via *Princeton Media
Central <>*


I wanted to give a quick hello and my apologies for missing the first class. I would not have done so if I didn’t have a very firm commitment already in place when the opportunity to teach Core 1 came my way. I was especially sorry to miss the dystopia discussion, but I’m sure we will return to some of the themes you brought up throughout the semester. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you on September 10.

Welcome ITP Core 2 Students

Welcome to the Core 1 course blog. We will be using this blog for our class discussions. We’re looking forward to working with you this semester. Please post your bios, or a little bit about your work, with a link to your commons profile, website or public blog if you have one, in the Category “Students.” This will make it show up in the menu under “Students”