Lecture Me?

Did any of you have a moment to catch this Sunday Review piece today? Lecture Me. Really. It’s far from the only of its kind (it might be a mildly amusing exercise to collect and compare lecture-defense articles) but I think it bridges well between our in-person discussion of class formats and expectations, and this week’s readings on pedagogy.

7 thoughts on “Lecture Me?

  1. Sakina Laksimi Morrow

    There is a no one size fits all for covering material (or practicing a certain skill set) in class; while lecture as we have come to know it draws up images of a “sage on the stage” in front of a class of dis-engaged students, much like Tracy, I’ve also seen lectures that were captivating. I think not all material can be covered the same way, all the time, for all students. Rather, a teacher must harness the format that they feel most comfortable and talented and leverage that, while at the same time experiment with different approaches to teaching and learning. So basically, yes, there is no one way but rather teaching has to be responsive and self-reflective.

  2. tperson

    Thanks Lisa,
    I just read this. I think it is a really important article in that it puts forth the notion that teaching, whether lecturing or with the added use of technology , is an art. I have seen inspired lecturers who can captivate an audience, and professors who use technology in the same staid ways as the professor with the yellow lecture notes that prattles on. I like the idea of bridging both methods along with teaching the art of listening and note taking. This coupled with interactive learning, yields in my opinion, great results.

  3. Jojo Karlin

    Thanks for posting. I’m interested in her notion of notes as interactivity. Whether digital or not, the questions of interactivity keep seeming to circle back to measurability of learning or mind-shaping.

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