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Wendy HK Chun @whkchun #digitalgc and Poetic Computation

Hey ITP-

I meant to post directly following the talk Wednesday, but I wanted to let those of you who weren’t there how interesting and exciting Wendy Chun’s talk was (MCK and Achim, don’t you agree?). I wanted draw everyone’s attention to Chun’s forthcoming¬†book Updating to Remain the Same on (N)YOU Media, as she calls it, emphasizing that “you” again (Lisa Brundage and the archive). I found a talk she gave a couple years ago at Barnard which includes some of the ideas she presented Wednesday (the inherent leakiness¬†of new media) for those of you interested. She referenced Lauren Klein among many others of the folks we’ve been reading. You can also check out the live tweets from Wednesday at #digitalgc.

Hope you’ve all had a nice week.

Also! I’m looking forward to Achim’s School for Poetic Computation showcase this afternoon! A small group of us are going down around 3:30 if anyone’s interested in joining, let me know.